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School report about John Gurdon, 2012 Nobel Prize Winner in MedicineMentioned in this TED Talk on Brain Repair

RIScienceTeachers is a wiki designed to serve as a shared resource for Rhode Island Science Teachers. Whether you are an administrator, in the classroom, or preparing to student teach, RIScienceTeachers has a wealth of information about teaching science in the Ocean State. Some of our offerings include:
  • "Unpacked" Science GSES
  • Released NECAP Items
  • PD opportunities for RI science teachers
  • Student opportunities in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering
  • Information about local and national science teaching conferences

There are numerous PD opportunities available to RI science teachers! Most of the events are taken from the RI Science PD and Student Opportunity newsletter maintained by RIDE's Science and Technology Specialist, Peter McLaren. To add other events this calendar, send your event information to either Peter McLaren, Rudy Kraus (RIC), or Jay Fogleman (URI)

College classes offered for teachers by local colleges.

RI Science Professional Development and Student Opportunity Bulletin 5-29-2015 (1)

Survey: Suggestion Form
Survey: Field Trip Research Request

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Slides from the RISTA Workshop on Unpacking GSEs


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