RIScienceTeachers is a wiki, or editable website. It was designed to facilitate online and face to face conversations around the science GSEs across the state. The site was initially developed by Jay Fogleman and Ashley Borden at the University of Rhode Island.

Why should Rhode Island teachers want to use this site as a resource for their teaching?

In addition to collecting intepretations of the GSEs, RIScienceTeachers can also be a place to share teaching resources such as pertinent links, curriculum resources, and assessment ideas. A statewide wiki is a good way to do this because.
  • There is so much knowledge around the state. Classroom teachers, supported by RIDE and science educators from higher education centers in Rhode Island, have the knowledge necessary to align their instruction with state standards in ways that meet their students' needs. Only classroom teachers know their own student population and the ideas and difficulties that their students have related to various topics.
  • But so little time. Though most teachers may be interested in aligning their course topics with state standards and the NECAP assessment, there is precious little time to do this individually or even in a school department or team. If we all work on a shared collection, we can build a useful resource with minimal effort.
  • Collaboration in schools. As schools implement common planning time, science departments can benefit from spending some of this time on understanding the GSEs and tuning courses so that as many GSEs as possible are addressed.
  • Collaboration across Rhode Island. Just as "many hands make light work", many eyes (and minds) can strengthen our interpretations of GSEs and the resources that we collect to teach various topics in diverse settings.

So how can I contribute to this site?

A site like this could become a useful resource statewide or it could be just one more piece of internet flotsam. With the assistance of the science teachers throughout Rhode Island, we would liked to "unpack" all of the Rhode Island GSEs to assemble knowledge that will help teachers around the state plan and teach effective lessons. Don't worry about being perfect, just add your two cents and count on the fact that someone will refine your contribution at a later time. The wiki way: Type now, edit later. - fogleman fogleman Dec 17, 2008