Adopt-A-GSE Challenge

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"Because GSEs won't chew your furniture."

The Challenge

Adopt, nurture, interpret, ponder, and assemble resources for the science GSE of your choice.


  • Work individually or in pairs.
  • Build our knowledge of the GSE by answering the questions on the GSE's page by:
    • identifying implicit concepts*
    • representing these concepts or subtopics in a concept map*
    • listing prerequisite knowledge that students need*
    • describing likely student difficulties and misconceptions*
    • suggesting phenomena, experiences, and activities that might help students understand
    • providing links to Curriculum Materials Library resources related to your GSE's topics
    • providing links to useful web resources
    • providing links to released NECAP items that address your GSE

Adopted GSEs

The following GSEs have already been "adopted" by preservice students. Their task is to "unpack" their GSE by expanding on its meaning, researching to determine why it might be difficult to teach, and provide resources that might be helpful for teachers of this topic.