Students demonstrate an understanding of earth materials by …

1a describing, comparing, and sorting rocks, soils, and minerals by similar or different physical properties (e.g., size, shape, color, texture, smell, weight, temperature, hardness, composition).

1b recording and analyzing observations/data about physical properties (e.g., within a grouping, which characteristics are the same and which are different).

1c citing evidence (e.g., prior knowledge, data) to support why rocks, soils, or minerals are classified/not classified together.

1d identifying the four basic materials of the earth (water, soil, rocks, air).

What do these GSEs mean? What subtopics do students need to address to understand these GSEs?

What ideas to students need to understand before they can address the topics described above?

What misconceptions are students likely to have about these topics?

What phenomena and representations help students understand these topics?

What activities or activity sequences can be used to address these GSEs?