Why do we need another site for the GSEs? - The Rhode Island Science Grade Span Expectations (GSEs) are an important resource for helping RI science teachers choose course topics and design instruction. RIScienceTeachers is designed as a venues for curriculum specialists, teachers, and preservice teaching candidates from all over the state to work with the GSEs to improve science education within their schools and statewide.

What is here that is not already on the the RIDE website?

The RIDE website has numerous resources for understanding the GSEs and prepare students for the NECAP tests. RIScienceTeachers is designed to complement these resources by providing an online space for the state's teachers to assemble additional knowledge around each each GSE. Eventually, RIScienceTeachers will hold a comprehensive explanation of each GSE, a collection of activities that address each GSE at a variety of cognitive levels, and a network of teachers who are motivated to thoughtfully represent and discuss each GSE.

What does it mean to "unpack" a GSE?

  • Unpacking a learning goal, whether it is from the National Science Education Standards or the Rhode Island GSEs, means to make explicit knowledge that experienced teachers typically have about the topics they teach that makes their teaching approaches effective. Though a particular GSE may seem to be a straightforward description of a concept, teachers often recognize that other subtopics must be introduced in order for students to understand the target concept at a level beyond simple recall. An example of this can be found in the Physical Science GSEs dealing with forces and motion at the high school level.
  • Resources for Unpacking GSEs. This is a page that describes some possible elements in the unpacking process and some resources that teachers might find useful during the "unpacking" process.

What can I do as a teacher to contribute to this collection?



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